Over the years Companys service and product portfolio expanded, so E-Smart Systems now have special programs which are focusing on individual clients (in case of long-term cooperation) as well as market oriented programs. Company offers products on domestic and international market to the Clients from wide field of business – from governments, public companies, pharmacy, all types of industries to financial sector. Quality and safety of implemented IT solutions are foundation for achieving great results to all of our clients. Vast number of small and medium enterprises are our continuous Clients.


What can we offer to the market:

Infrastructure services

Meant for providing services in instalation, configuration and exploitation of Microsoft infrastructure, management and collaboration services. This program is responsible for: Citrix, PaloAlto and Secunia product distribution.


PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

Represents a technology which allows IT system protection boost. With this infrastructure Digital identities (which provides confidentiality, integrity, undeniability and authenticity) are introduced in IT system.


Tacad program

Meant to provide service in area of work hours evidence and access control, based on independently developed solution and great knowledge and experience considering work with smart card technology. This program is responsible for distribution of Suprema devices for access control, cashless payment and smart event solutions.



Intended for providing services in Qualified Electronic Signatures issuing.



Intended for providing services in training and certification.


Distribution of Hardware equipment and solutions

Includes distribution of products from vendors like Fujitsu, Supermicro, Gemalto and Canon (Offer of complete solutions for video surveillance and server Infrastructure design).



The program sells Microsoft Cloud licenses to small and large customers, based on monthly/annual / three-year payment as needed. E-Smart Systems is authorized for this program outside the territory of the Republic of Serbia.



Microsoft licences for Internet providers and hosters sales program s based on a monthly fee. E-Smart Systems is also authorized on International level, not only in Serbia.


Development of applications in accordance with the Clients requirements

With team of developers which make number of highly qualified engineers, company is ready to respond to complex requests, with xisting systems integration and safety mechanisms implementation.