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Quality improvement of educational system
E-Smart Systems brings integrated, new technologies in education. Follow the benefits which implementation of access control in schools brings, form digital libraries, reduce printing costs, use latest Microsoft products, increase security with video surveillance.


  • TACad – Sollution for track and access controlTACad – Sollution for track and access control
    TACad – Sollution for track and access control

    TACad represents system for track and access control, with use of contactless or hybrid smart cards. You can have insight in Students presence, as well as absence reasons, at any time.

    With the help of Suprema X-Station terminals for track, caracterized with compact and modern design. Intuitive graphic interface and 3,5” inch color display is simple to use and delivers pleasant experience.

    Built in camera with face-recognition functions and intern memory, with enough space to store over 5000 pictures, will reduce possible smart card malfeasance to its minimum.

    There are two options for using TACad system:

    TACad On Site implementation represents instalation of all system components on Clients location, which includes instalation of matching software modules and hardware equipment on the same location.

    TACad Hosting implementation represents storing and proccesing of Data on E-Smart Systems cloud servers along with access to those Data via Web application. Data transfer is carried out with Clients Internet connection, with use of cryptography. Professional administration, Data archiving and 24/7 support are provided.

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  • Fujitsu - Quality, efficiency, agilityFujitsu - Quality, efficiency, agility
    Fujitsu - Quality, efficiency, agility
    Fujitsu Primergy servers represents strongest and most flexible solution for Data storing on the market. Fujitsu enabled various help tools for integration andimplementation, in order to reduce life cycle cost. As addition to technical and organizational there are significant economic advantages. They can be used for storing all requiered data, teaching materials and even whole libraries.
    Comprehensive Fujitsu software ServersView Suite represents support and helps Data storing cost reduction. This tool set is separated in five individual parts: Postavka, control, dynamics, maintenance and integration.
    Fujitsu ServerView Suite is delivered with every Primergy server and it mostly includes free modules. Beside that, Fujitsu hardware can be easily integrated in existing infrastructure using so-called “Integration packages”.
    With this training prices and changes are reduced to minimum from the very beginning, and Primergy systems implementation cost can be decreased for 65% comparing to conventional methods.
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  • Canon – Printing optimization and controlCanon – Printing optimization and control
    Canon – Printing optimization and control

    Canon UniFlow is Software solution, designed to , among other things, satisfy specifics requests, characteristic for complex education system. Whether it is small Elementary school or University with tens of thousands Students, UniFlow can enable easy printing, copying, scanning to Students and employees, with significant savings.

    Important part of this solution is safety. Every user can print documents via Internet, from any location, on any device in the UniFlow system. Very important thing is that documentation won’t be printed and available to any one, if the user isn’t identified on device itself. Identification can be done using smart card, user name and PIN  or bimetric Information. Beside this, system supprots direct and easy connection of mobile devices (Smart phones, tablets…) with printers or multifunctional device, and direct printing of materials from those devices.

    Canon UniFlow system offers precise definition of resources usage and, with that, highest level of single user, work group or entire class consumption control. Efficient use of available resources and cost control brings significant savings. This Software is modular and can be configured in various ways and therefore adapted to different needs.

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  • Canon – Secure complete coverageCanon – Secure complete coverage
    Canon – Secure complete coverage
    Canon network cameras assortment offers solution where video surveillance really mathers, which is certainly case forSchools and Universities. Compact, high quality cameras provides wide field of view and exceptional picture quality, even in low light, high security risk areas.

    Thanks to more than 70 year experience in field of video recording you can expect that even the smallest details can be captured and used. In that way your interests will be protected and requiered Information available in real time.
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  • Multipoint Server and Office 365Multipoint Server and Office 365
    Multipoint Server and Office 365

    Computers and Internet opens the door to key knowledge and learning skills for 21th century.
    Howeve, lack of resources in some Schools, as well as difficulties during teaching process in classromes with large number of computers often represents obstacles for Students and effective learning. Solutions are Multipoint Server and Office 365.

    MultiPoint represents solutions that gives computer access to Students in Schools that can’t afford device for every Student, while providing Proffesors with eased teaching process in classroomswith large number of computers.

    Office 365 package is service abvailable for the whole education facility, without instalation on local computer. In that way Student have pleasant environment for mutual cooperation, where they can real time changes.

    With help of Office online and OneDrive tools there is no possibility to download outdated materials and Emails. Optimization of Note cathcing tools enables typing or hand writing, with audio/video material recording.

    Office 365 for education facilities is available to Students off charge if they are attending Schools that use Office 365. Office 365 can be used on 5 PC or MAC computers (or other mobile devices, Windows tablets, and iPads).

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  • E-Smart Educational Center (ESEC)E-Smart Educational Center (ESEC)
    E-Smart Educational Center (ESEC)

    E-Smart Systems Training and testing center proudly highlights partnership with IT industry leader – Microsoft Company.

    Certified training center lecturers possess knowledge and experience requiered for designing, adaption and conducting trainings for big enterprises, as well as small and medium companies or individuals (from beginner to professional level). Partnership with global level test provider – Pearson VUE enables that tests for world-wide recognized IT certificates can be carried out in our testing center.

    Education or professional development is necessary for progress, both in business and private plan. By acquiring skills and knowledge from different Microsoft technology IT fields, you create healthy foundations to improve your current position. Only thing you need to do is to join us, in our comfortable Classrooms, specialy designed for strictest Microsoft standards and secure your place for gaining new knowledge and certificates.

    Pearson VUE delivers one exam every 2 seconds. Your is the one htat counts.

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