Here’s what makes KEMP stand out:


Easy to Configure, Deploy and Manage. Backed by Fantastic Technical Support

KEMP products are easy to deploy, use and scale... Period. There are no confusing interfaces to learn or complex configuration processes to implement. We provide application deployment guides and templates along with a technical support department that has deep product and application expertise. According to a recent support survey KEMP has a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

More Throughput and SSL for Your Buck!

KEMP LoadMaster leads the industry in Gbps of throughput and SSL TPS per dollar. Unlike the majority of competitive offerings all KEMP load balancers and ADCs include the following as standard features:
  • Compression/Caching
  • Intrusion Prevention / Detection (IPS/IDS)
  • Edge Security Pack (ESP) (KEMP’s Microsoft TMG replacement)
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) Engine*.

Our Technology: KEMP is an Application Delivery Innovator

KEMP Technologies was the first ADC Company to bring SDN adaptive technology to its ADCs. KEMP SDN Adaptive enables congestion control of applications, ensuring Quality of Experience. KEMP is also the first company to provide virtual network functions that are dynamically managed, configured, and provisioned for NFV environments. KEMP has full support for LBaaS for OpenStack and is soon releasing a full management and orchestration platform focused on distributed virtual network functions for SDN and NFV environments.

Ready for the Cloud

KEMP pioneered the use of virtual load balancers and continues to lead the way with broad hypervisor support as well as new and unique cloud products for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and VMware vCloud Air.

Easy to Try

KEMP offers free no obligation trials of all our products and the world-class support that goes with them. We believe in our products and easily getting them into your hands to try. Try a hardware, virtual, cloud or bare metal load balancer.

Platform Ubiquity

KEMP LoadMaster supports more platforms than any other load balancer making it easy for you to deploy wherever and however you want, whether it’s hardware, virtual, cloud or software for bare metal on HP, Dell, Cisco, Fujitsu and Oracle servers.