Partnering with Microsoft



Largest partner of E-Smart Systems d.o.o. Belgrade is a Microsoft company. This partnership has been built and expanded over time so that E-Smart Systems d.o.o. Belgrade today has an enviable number of competencies and partnership statuses.



The three most important statuses in partnership with Microsoft are:
  • Microsoft GOLD Partner - which we have since 2003.
  • SPLA reseller - which we have since 2009.
  • CSP Direct Partner – which we have since 2016.



These statuses enable our company to provide products and complex licensing services for small, medium and large businesses in Serbia as well as in the region.



Competencies and statuses that E-Smart Systems d.o.o. Belgrade has a clear reaffirmation of our partnership with Microsoft, whose platform has been chosen from the outset as a base, primarily to provide as efficient and rational support and services as possible through a narrow specialization in the market segment.



Licensing Microsoft software products in an organization can be a challenge, as we often face the wrong steps when it comes to legal use of software. E-Smart Systems d.o.o. Belgrade offers solutions to this problem through appropriate licensing models. If you are not sure whether you are using your software properly or would like to purchase licenses through one of the appropriate models, we are able to offer you simple solutions to your problem.







OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Microsoft OEM software is sold with a fully assembled computer system. According to OEM license fully assembled computer system consists of the following components: motherboard, processor, hard drive, power supply and enclosure. It is the most widely used form of Windows license. After the installation, it is necessary to stick COA on the visible part of the computer. Lifetime of Microsoft OEM software is associated with the life of the computer system on which such software is installed. If you already own a computer that has no licensed operating system, you can do software legalization through GGK or GGWA (minimum five computers) licensing program.


FPP (Full Packed Product)
FPP is software that can be found in retail stores or purchase from any Microsoft partner. The software is packaged in a specially designed box containing follows: the installation media protected by holograph, End User License Agreement (EULA), a unique serial number and user’s installation guide. FPP and OEM are only way to purchase some Microsoft software if the number of licenses you needed less than 5. There is an important difference between OEM and FPP licenses.
FPP license can be switched from one computer to another removing license from the previous machine where it has been installed.


Volume Licensing Programs

Microsoft has created different Volume licensing models enabling end users to obtain software licenses, achieve significant savings and other benefits which are offered through the following licensing programs.



OLP (Open License Program)
Open License is a Volume Licensing program designed for organizations that want to buy a minimum 5 licenses. It is perpetual licenses bought through contract which is signed for a period of two years. During the term of the Agreement customer can purchase a new licenses. Software is being downloaded from Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) web site or obtained on a separate installation media. The biggest benefit of OLP licenses compared to FPP is significantly lower prices, electronic records, easily license tracking and the possibility of multiple installations..



OV (Open Value)
Open Value is Microsoft volume licensing program allowing organizations to purchase licenses and pay the annual rates over a period of three years. First condition for clients to enter into this type of licensing model is to purchase license for 5 qualified desktop computers (computers with legal operating system). Software Assurance is always included enabling users to use the latest version of the software through a relatively small initial investment during the contract duration.
Open Value is available in three different models:
  1. Open Value Subscription – open value program relating with companywide licensing subscription. All qualified computers in company are included in the OVS agreement and minimum number of computers covered with this contract is 5. After agreement expiration customer can do: extend the contract for another 3 years, buy-out licenses or terminate the contract and uninstall used software.


  2. Open Value Company Wide – open value model which is related to the companywide purchasing of perpetual licenses. At the end of the agreement customer obtains the latest version of software license in permanent ownership.


  3. Open Value Non-Company Wide – licensing model in which it is not necessary to include all of the computers in a company with required licenses. Licenses are perpetual after the expiration of three years agreement.





Services Provider Licence Agreement (SPLA)



Thanks to SPLA licenses they are able to provide our customers with the software they need, when they need it and in an amount corresponding to their requirements. End users in this way can afford software functionality without a large initial investment in infrastructure. Also, the Service Provider has a minimal risk when procuring software, because the software is licensed and adapted to the specific current requirements of its users.
Within the SPLA program, there are two licensing models: licensing per user (Subscriber Access License) licensing per CPU (Processor License). Some software products are available in both models.



Key benefits SPLA licensing program are as follows:

  • Flexibility - the ability to provide specialized services tailored to the needs of users;
  • Payment for the software that is actually used in the last month;
  • Wide range of available Microsoft product;
  • Access to the latest (current) versions of licensed products with the option of using the previous version;
  • Reducing capital investment in IT infrastructure and cost rationalization.



SPLA licensing program Microsoft product is intended for service providers that want to position themselves in the market as a provider of software services, which fully meet the needs and requirements of end users.









E-Smart Systems Ltd. Belgrade became the first partner in 2016 in Serbia for the Microsoft Cloud Solution Program - First Level Certification (CSP direct partner).


We can offer licenses on more favorable terms, without the intervention of an external license provider. Through the CSP program, you have many benefits as an end user.


  • The minimum amount to create a contract is 1 license.
  • Flexibility, the number of CSP licenses can change every month. Increase / decrease quantities each month.
  • Investment transparency: all additional activities like support, migration, installations and Microsoft licenses in one account.
  • Pay on a monthly / yearly basis for what you really used.
  • Easily migrate your existing Office 365 subscriptions (cards, online payment) to a CSP program.
  • Available products - Azure, Dynamics, EMS, Intune, Office 365, MS 365, Exchange online, Project Online and many more.
  • Always available support.
  • With this program, you have the ability to create a cloud of your own without restrictions in the number and type of products with the continued support of our expert team.


For any questions regarding licensing MS products and choosing the best solution for your needs, contact us via essms@e-smartsys.com.