Strategic Partnership with Microsoft

Large Account Reseller – LAR



In order to create products and services of superior quality, E-Smart Systems Ltd. has developed strategic partnerships with world leaders in the field of information technology, based on mutual trust. The biggest strategic partner of E-Smart Systems is Microsoft. This partnership is been built and expanded so that E-Smart Systems now has an enviable number of competencies and partner status.



One of the most important status within the partnership with Microsoft the "Large Account Reseller - LAR" that E-Smart Systems has since 2003. LAR status allows the provision of complex services in the field of licensing for medium and large companies in Serbia.





Quality of work, their knowledge, experience and demonstrated results enabled the company E-Smart Systems to acquire eight GOLD:

  • Gold Application Development
  • Gold Application Lifecycle Management
  • Gold Collaboration and Content
  • Gold Data Platform
  • Gold Management and Virtualization
  • Gold Server Platform
  • Gold Volume Licensing
  • Gold Identity and Access



And five silver competencies:

  • Silver Business Intelligence
  • Silver Messaging
  • Silver Mobility
  • Silver Software Asset Management





Besides competence, E-Smart Systems to qualify for the status of multiple Deployment Planning Services program:

  • Desktop Deployment Planning Services Provider (DDPS)
  • Private Cloud, Management and Virtualization Deployment Planning Services Provider (PVDPS)
  • Developer Tools Deployment Planning Services Provider (DTDPS)
  • SharePoint Deployment Planning Services Provider (SDPS)
  • SQL Server Deployment Planning Services Provider (SSDPS)
  • Lync and Exchange Deployment Planning Services Provider (L&EDPS)




Competences and statuses that the E-Smart Systems has clearly confirmed the relationship to a partnership with Microsoft, whose platform from the beginning chosen as the base, primarily to sub-specialization in the segment of the market was not possible to provide a more efficient and rational support and services.