World leading brand in biometric identification

Suprema devices portfolio includes equipment for access control and time attendance, biometric passport readers and desktop biometric devices, developed with large experience in hardware design and development, and many experts in biometrics and signal processing experts. 

Suprema X-Station 

Suprema X-Station is an evolution of access control card reader. In its ultra slim and sleek design, X-Station features a variety of functions including RF card and PIN authentication, TCP/IP interface and comprehensive time and attendance features.
With a 3.5 inch touchscreen LCD and intuitive GUI, X-Station provides exceptional usability for both users and system administrators. Featuring face detection technology with a built-in camera, X-Station can record up to 5,000 face image logs for extra level of security and attendance records.



 Suprema Xpass


Suprema X-Stationis a smart IP based access control unit providing high-level security for small-to-medium sized systems to larger enterprise-level systems.
Featuring next generation IP access control system structure, Xpass act as a smart reader and controller with distributed intelligence concept.

With its RS485 and Wiegand interfaces, it can also fit in your legacy systems. Xpass is fully compatible with Suprema’s BioStar systems, offering extra flexibility of biometric IP access control systems to meet different needs and requirements.