Electronic auction service



Electronic auction represents competition between bidders in procurement process by giving new, more favorable bids, which auction organizer ranks using automatic evaluation methods.


E-Smart Systems Electronic Auction service represents an independent electronic tool, intended for assuring technical conditions for realization of Electronic Auction. This service requires prior registration of the Organizer – procuring entity, but it has widest possible availability. User applications does not require any additional resources that would discriminate the bidders.
The main advantage of this solution is primarily reflected in shortening the duration of the procurement process and reduction of administrative resources consumption.


Electronic auction supports the use of the following features: 
• Preparation of auction configuration,
• registration and announcement of the bid with the notification to all registered participants, 
• automatic opening of the auction,
• receiving and processing of the bid in the course of the auction,
• maintenance of the rank offer table,
• automatic auction closure,
• processing auction results,
• downloading the outputs and audit log.



Electronic auction service