Electronic public procurement



E-Smart systems „Public Procurement solution“ is designed for the management and monitoring of public procurement and it is compliant with:


  • Current Serbian Public Procurement Law http://www.ujn.gov.rs/en/propisi/zakon;
  • Application of electronic auctions;
  • Law on Electronic Signatures;
  • Law on electronic document and the issuing of the time stamp;
  • Regulation of electronic office operations of state administration.



For the Procuring entity main benefits are: Complete range of tools for all the phases of the individual acquisition: from budgeting and procurement plan approval through the procurement process to its realization and subsequent analysis. This solution provides full support for all procurement activities:


  • Decisions about the initiation;
  • Establishment of a commission;
  • Preparation of tender documents;
  • Amendments to the bidding documents;
  • Publication of calls for tender;
  • Invitation for Bids;
  • Receipt of Bids;
  • Opening of bids;
  • The deadline for the appeal and the bid evaluation;
  • Electronic auction;
  • Selection of the best bids;
  • Preparation for contracting;
  • Monitoring the realization;
  • Procurement closure.



For the Bidders main benefits are:


  • Offers are formed on the basis of patterns formed in the tender documents;
  • Bid form is strictly defined and provider adds only the "essence";
  • Data is entered in one place and automatically distributed to the entire document bids where necessary;
  • Offer cannot be finalized until you meet required customer requests - control accuracy;
  • The offer is being protected fully by the time of opening.

Electronic public procurement