Public key infrastructure


PKI and Smart Card technology

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a technology that uses a pair of keys for cryptographic operations. One key is available to everyone - the public key and the other is a secret - a private key. Infrastructure is a system that ensures the creation of a key pair, certificate and publication of relevant public information. Smart Card technology allows you to protect the secret key.
Using a public key infrastructure is provided:
• Confidentiality
• Integrity
• Availability




PKI i Smart Card – Implementacija u Enterprise okruženjima
PKI and Smart Card - Implementation in Enterprise environments
It is intended for users who want Windows PKI in their Microsoft AD environment. In project the design and implementation of solutions last several months. The project follows the detailed documentation for the establishment, maintenance, and resolution of incidents. The process of issuing and managing smart card is centralized, and the process of life-cycle management certificate (ReNew) on smart cards distributed to end users.
Through the project is delivered Enterprise PKI applications that can manage security parameters on smart cards*, issuing certificates, review and remove the content from smart card*. Locally or remotely unblock PIN. The issuing server certificates (Web Server, VPN, ...).


PKI i Smart Card – Obuka
PKI i Smart Card – Obuka
On a laboratory model trainees have the opportunity to practice different scenarios Windows PKI establishment, management and application of CA customers.


PKI i Smart Card – Podrška
PKI and Smart Card - Support
Monitoring the state of PKI, check the security level and methods of implementation of PKI elements
Solving incidents in the area of PKI and Smart Card Technology


PKI i Smart Card – SCM
PKI i Smart Card – E-Smart SCM
SCM je aplikacija za rad sa smart karticama*. Namenjena je korisnicima koji imaju Microsoft AD okruženje i svoju PKI arhitekturu, a žele da implementiraju smart card logovanje. Aplikacija je prilagođena preporukama najbolje prakse da se razdvoje sertifikati koji služe za digitalno potpisivanje i sertifikati koji služe za šifrovanje podataka.E-Smart SCM is an application for use with smart cards*. It is intended for users with Microsoft AD environment and owned PKI architecture, and want to implement smart card login. The application is adapted to the recommendations of best practice to separate the certificates used for digital signatures and certificates that are used to encrypt data.


PKI i Smart Card – Outsource (hPKI)
PKI i Smart Card – Outsource (hPKI)
hPKI is a web solution for the provision of services for issuing digital certificates to customers who do not have a PKI architecture in environment, do not want to invest in the establishment and maintenance of PKI architecture, and want the functionality of digital certificates in your environment.

Public key infrastructure