Smart Metering products and solutions

Company E-Smart Systems in the middle of 2006 starts with the Smart Metering & Energy Efficiency program line in order to develop a complex, scalable and reliable AMM system that would be offered to the market.
The team involved in this program consists of young, ambitious and highly educated people with different education profiles. These are electronics engineers, engineers of organizational sciences, graduate mathematicians, and so on.
Guarantee for the design, development and implementation of high quality solutions is given by our company’s strong commitment to continuous education improvement by sending its staff to various national and international conferences, courses and workshops as well as encouraging the work on latest technologies.


 After few months of Program initialization, it is started with the development of smaller and simpler AMR system - MESMET One system. The basic idea of this system is that users from first hand, on relatively small number of meters (up to 2000), experience all the advantages of one AMR system.

Upon completion of development and after several successful MESMET One implementations, activities of the Program are extended to:

• development of a new, more complex AMM/MDM solution - MESMET XT, based on user requirements gathered during the implementation of MESMET One system system with the knowledge gathered on Smart Metering conferences all over Europe;

• research and development in the areas of mobile and radio communications;

• research and development in the field of control and management in "smart" houses.


Smart Metering products and solutions