ESEC - Training and Testing Center


ESEC (E-Smart Education Center) training and testing center company E-Smart Systems, is proud partnership with industry leader IT company Microsoft.


Certified teachers training center have experience and knowledge necessary to design, adapt and carry out training for large business systems, medium and small companies and individuals, both professionals and beginners.





Lecturers / trainers are Microsoft certified professionals in their work with years of experience, which combined with the most modern equipment and comfortable E-Smart Systems working space makes a perfect precondition for acquiring new knowledge. Trainings are the same as in any center worldwide, based on defined MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) rules and performed by a certified trainer for that specific training.


Education and professional development is essential for the advancement and business, and life plan. Acquiring knowledge and skills in different IT areas of Microsoft technologies, you are creating a sound basis for improving current position.


You only need to join us.




In our Testing Center You can take an exam to obtain an internationally recognized IT certification, which allows a partnership with global provider Pearson VUE testing center.


The world's leading test center with more than 5100 testing centers in 175 countries since 15.09.2014. also in E-Smart Educational Centre. Pearson VUE provides a network of high quality provided therein tests for clients, licenses, certification ... Delivered millions of tests per year in various areas of IT, Academic Program, government, health care, etc. ... http://vue.com/microsoft/



For all information:
+381 11 3050260; +381 69 30 50 260.




: ESEC - Training and Testing Center